In designing smart lighting for Länsiranta in Porvoo, the visions of future users of the area are utilised in developing the lighting. Experiential knowledge has a key role when designing a concept for smart lighting in a new, developing area such as Länsiranta.

Due to the changes brought on by the Coronavirus situation, the planned “traditional”, face-to-face workshop for residents and interest groups was turned into a virtual one. Microsoft Teams provided the platform and the Mural online tool was used for joint development. In the workshop, participants fluently turned out their own vision by complementing the “visionary wheel of light” in three separate groups. Participants had the opportunity to supplement the wheel with intelligent lighting solutions and with their own ideas and user-originated needs. Some things brought up included new insights into accessibility solutions enabled by the smart lighting infrastructure or utilising the world of sound in guidance and at events.

The vision of the lighting planning is that Länsiranta area is filled with experience, is energy-efficient, and provides service to all its users and to nature. The vision highlighted the following aspects:

  • Versatile and experience-rich use of Länsiranta for all user groups
  • Achieving energy and cost efficiency by only using lighting when necessary and with smart choices of energy and materials
  • Utilising lighting fixtures’ continuous electricity to improve the usability of Länsiranta
  • Preventing accidents and crime
  • Limiting disturbances caused by the lights from the perspective of Länsiranta visitors, species, and residents in the nearby areas


Learn more about the vision with these pictures; you can enlarge them by saving them on your device or by opening them in a new tab!

Representatives from different age and user groups, such as entrepreneurs and accessibility experts by experience, took part in the workshop. Together we studied the opportunities provided by intelligent lighting solutions and produced ideas for the Länsiranta lighting vision. In addition, we heard a presentation on the current design situation of Aleksinpuisto.

The atmosphere and mood in the workshop were inspired and inspiring; we learned together and from one another about the possibilities of intelligent lighting and its effects on the user experience. The vision, formed together, will serve all users and the area’s development in a positive manner. A big thanks to all participants!

The solutions that will lead to the vision and its realisation will be designed based on the workshop results during spring and summer of 2020. In the autumn of 2020, future users of Länsiranta will again have a chance to learn about the finalised vision and plan, so follow our blog – stay tuned!

The visionary workshop was carried out in cooperation with the LUCIA project, City of Porvoo, Posintra Ltd. and Ramboll Finland Ltd. The workshop was held on Wednesday, April 16, 2020 over remote connections.

Guest writers: service designer Inna Ampuja and project manager Reija Pasanen, Ramboll Finland Oy

Mural Lucia projektiblogi

Picture 1: Using the Mural online tool to shape the vision of Länsiranta intelligent lighting

Vision smarta belysningen i Västra åstranden i Borgå

Picture 2: The vision diagram by Ramboll for the basis of further design of Länsiranta intelligent lighting