Posintra offers companies advice via time reservation until further notice by phone or email. In connection with the time reservation, we negotiate on a case-by-case basis with the entrepreneur about the possibility of a remote conference.

We provide assistance in financial and personnel matters as well as in various changes and development of your company. Please contact us! Tel. 050 597 3887, info@posintra.fi, weekdays 9 am – 4 pm.


We have compiled some useful links here and we update the page constantly:


MINISTRY OF ECONOMIC AFFAIRS AND EMPLOYMENT OF FINLAND – guidelines for companies in the coronavirus situation (in Finnish)

RESTAURANT SUPPORT Compensation for business limitation and for re-employment

YRITTÄJÄT   – information packages for entrepreneurs (in Finnish)

FINNVERA  – the financing needs of companies

ELY Center  – financing for companies in an emergency caused by  coronavirus (in Finnish)

BUSINESS FINLAND   – development funding for interference situations

TAXES – daily instructions, e.g. about advance tax

TE-SERVICES – permittals of staff

KELA   – the impact of the situation on services, handling and benefits

CORONAVIRUS-INSTRUCTIONS  – workplace guidelines for the prevention of a viral epidemic


We constantly monitor the development of the situation and also share information on social media.