Laura Pesonen, owner of the company Nannan hepeneet, wanted to detach her clothing store from the international franchising chain and was relieved that she did not have to ponder the issue all on her own. She received help from Posintra and the confidence to embark on a new path.

“A sole proprietor should ask for other people’s opinions more often, but first you need to find the right people. It felt really nice that the people at Posintra looked at my accounts and papers and gave me advice, and Antti immediately knew which way to go and what to do. He also referred me to a great lawyer.”

Laura keeps her clothing store Poemia open in the Old Town of Porvoo seven days a week. She also appreciates that Posintra agreed to set up meetings flexibly so that she could meet outside the opening hours of her store.

Laura also wishes to commend Posintra’s approach: she felt welcome and received the help that she needed. This is what she is remembers now, as she is planning to develop her company.

“I have thought about how I could utilize Posintra’s know-how as I was left with a feeling that I could happily turn to them again. It is a shame that entrepreneurs are not cheered on more actively in Finland! It is not enough that people are encouraged to become entrepreneurs, but it should also be made feasible, especially in terms of taxation,” says Laura Pesonen.