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Posintra’s task is to help local businesses grow and succeed. 

We offer companies business advice via time reservation especially by phone, e-mail or by video meetings. Feel free to contact us!
Tel. 050 597 3887, info@posintra.fi, weekdays 9 am – 4 pm

Our Services

Budding Entrepreneur

    Are you planning to establish your own company? We function as an enterprise agency in Eastern Uusimaa region, and are here to help you.

Operating Company

When you need help and ideas for developing your business, we will help you. We will survey the current situation, and search for means to develop your business further.

Development Projects

The versatile development of the operational environment of companies is part of our work. This work is done through projects, where hundreds of companies take part yearly.

A new beginning for plastic – take part in an innovation competition

Plastic waste that ends up in water and nature is a global problem. Finnish companies are on a mission to become pioneers in the utilisation of recycled plastic. The recycling process begins with the collection, separation and processing of plastic so that the...

New Eco Acts during the Energy Saving Week

The Finnish national Energy Saving Week will be held 5–11 October 2020. During the week, Posintra will organise its traditional Eco Act Challenge. It is time...

The LUCIA seminar will be held on 28 September 2020

On 28 September 2020 at 1 pm–3:30 pm, the LUCIA seminar will be held at the Art Factory in Porvoo, both as a local and online event. In this seminar, we will hear about and discuss the observations and experiences that have emerged about urban lighting during the project, and we will also learn what is happening in Porvoo in relation to the LUCIA project.

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