Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the LUCIA project is proceeding as planned. So far, the project has involved successful workshops that support lighting design, as well as a shared lighting vision, created together with Porvoo residents and interest groups, for the Länsiranta park.

The LUCIA project has one year of operation left. During this year, by the end of June 2021, we will see concrete results in all of the project’s international pilot sites.

The international LUCIA pilots mainly involve upgrades to existing lighting. However, the pilot in Porvoo is different: ambitious and challenging. While the project is proceeding towards the goal of implementing smart city lighting, Porvoo also needs to construct the actual park where the lighting will be installed.

The work at the Aleksinpuisto site has begun. The removal of contaminated soil started in May 2020. In the autumn, we will focus on acquiring the lighting technology planned for the pilot site. The construction process in the park area will continue with stabilisation, among other operations. The autumn’s operations will be announced in further detail after the summer.

Porvoo will also have the honour of hosting the partner meeting for the LUCIA project in the autumn. The international network of project experts meets every six months. In the meetings, the network discusses current matters related to the project and creates connections between cities. Unless the plans change due to the coronavirus pandemic, the partners will meet in Porvoo at the turn of September and October. They will get to see the construction of the Porvoo pilot project on-site, in the darkening autumn conditions.

In addition to the partner meeting, the project results will also be reviewed in a shared seminar after the summer. The participants will be Finnish experts and interest groups connected to city lighting. We will cover this in our next blog post.

You can read more about the entire project here:

LUCIA projektiblogi Länsiranta Porvoo


LUCIA projektiblogi Länsiranta, Porvoo