Urban development is a skill. It is a democratically driven vision and professional design. It is a combination of land use solutions, architecture, geo-technics and investment. It is about recognizing and responding to the needs of the citizen. It is a prerequisite for urban life.

Well-prepared urban plans need to be initiated in order to be implemented. The journey from the design desk to making it tangible is a multi-step process – and often, in the opinion of the citizen, extremely slow.

This page monitors the construction of a pedestrian route in accordance with the urban plan on the Porvoo Länsiranta area. In particular, monitoring focuses on the design and implementation of lighting solutions along the route. This is because the investment in lighting is backed by the LUCIA project, which focuses on smart urban lighting. Have a look at the entire project here.

But before the lights come on, there are many interdependent steps along the way. The pedestrian route will be built in challenging conditions for civil engineering. In the end, installing the lighting is just one step among others.

This page explains the numerous preparations required for successful implementation. Welcome to see how the route is built and what the journey from the design table to the finished result is.

In the picture from left LUCIA experts Elina Leppänen, Topi Haapanen, Mikko Kaunisto, Yolanda Potrykus and Kari Hällström getting ready for implementation.