Budding entrepreneur

When you are planning to establish your own company, we are here to help you. We operate as an enterprise agency in Eastern Uusimaa region.

When your company has only just begun its journey

Future entrepreneurs have a wonderful road ahead of them, everything seems both possible and impossible. Our enterprise agency supports and encourages new companies on this road for up to two years.

When you are planning to establish your own company, are applying for a startup grant or for funding, we are here to help you. We will test your business idea together with you, and will help you create a business plan. We will advise you in all matters related to establishing a new business through a local and national network for new companies.

Through us you will have an expert network of over 1 200 advocates of economic life at your disposal.

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The municipalities where we serve budding entrepreneurs:  Askola, Lapinjärvi, Loviisa, Porvoo

Durable and profitable businesses

Posintra functions as an enterprise agency in the Eastern Uusimaa region and provides free consultation for budding companies. Throughout the country, over 20 000 aspiring entrepreneurs visit enterprise agencies. About a third of them establish a new company, which means that over 7 000 new businesses are born each year through these centers. Would you like to join the crew?

Our goal is to make the established companies durable and profitable. With the help of the enterprise agency, the new businesses’ conditions for success are substantially improved. This is because of how thoroughly the ground work for the companies has been done. The results of Posintra’s consultation for new companies are undisputable: after 5 years 80 per cent of the new companies are still running. Our service is guaranteed by a quality management system, which challenges us to keep our results at this proficient level.

More information and some important links:

– You can make a business plan, which you need in order to receive a startup grant at oma.yrityssuomi.fi.
– The enterprise agency’s new entrepreneurs’ guide for establishing a new business can be downloaded here.
– Find information about the companies already functioning in the area in the Loviisa and Porvoo company registers.

Development plan, Start-up Plus service

When you have received a decision about receiving a startup grant, you are eligible for the new Start-up Plus service. Contact the job center, which granted you the startup money, and tell them that you wish to develop your business further.

The Posintra services for budding entrepreneurs now also include creating a free development plan. About 2-3 months after the founding of the company we meet again. During the meeting we will focus on your business and area of expertise – in the clientele that you wish for, and how to reach it, for example with the help of digital marketing and social media. You will walk away from the meeting with concrete ideas, because you will receive a development plan for sales and marketing along with suggestions on how to act. The follow-up meetings and expert visits will be agreed upon with the management consultant of the enterprise agency. Our services will remain confidential and free of charge


Askola, Lapinjärvi, Loviisa, Porvoo

Read more in Start-up Plus service brochure.   

The enterprise agency network in Eastern Uusimaa

Municipalities: Askola, Loviisa, Porvoo

Banks and insurance companies
Aktia Pankki Oyj
Itä-Uudenmaan Osuuspankki
Keskinäinen Vakuutusyhtiö Fennia
LähiTapiola Uusimaa Keskinäinen Vakuutusyhtiö
Nordea Pankki Suomi Oyj

Accounting services 
Ab Bokföringsbyrå Memo Kirjanpitotoimisto Oy
APL-Balance Oy
Hamarin Tilipalvelu Ky
Porvoon Yrityslaskenta Oy
Tiliässät Oy Ab
Tolika Oy

Legal services
Bonfide Oy

Marketing, sales & it services 
Haven Porvoo osk
LPONet Oy Ab
Mainosstudio Alhos Design Oy
Xifof Oy

Business Mentors Finland, eastern Uusimaa
Finnvera Oyj
Loviisan Yrittäjät
Oy Porvoo International College Ab
Uusimaa Tax Office, Porvoo office

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A Well-Functioning Company

Do you need advice and ideas for developing your business? We are here to help you.

A successful company as goal

A company’s life cycle encompasses many distinct phases. Sometimes innovative ideas or new company premises are needed, at other times more money, and at times also encouragement. There are good times and tough times. Sometimes it is necessary to let go and move the company forward for it to live and breathe. – Normally we are looking for growth and profitability for businesses, says Antti Vaittinen from Posintra business development consultation, and adds: but we are always looking for success!

From near it is hard to see the big picture, and therefore outside support and surveying the situation from outside is often necessary also for entrepreneurs. Laura Pesonen, the owner of a business called Nannan hepeneet, wanted to detach her clothes store from an international franchising chain, and felt it was relieving not to have to ponder this alone. – It felt really nice when the people at Posintra looked at my accounts and papers and gave me advice, Antti knew straight away where to head and what to do.

Read more about Laura’s experiences.

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Our consultation can be booked in our Porvoo and Loviisa offices.

The consultation is free of charge for businesses operating in Askola, Loviisa and Porvoo.

Book a time for consultancy, and we can survey the best solutions for your company together with you.

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Do not hesitate to contact us and book a time for a free consultation. Together we will find the best solutions for you and your company!

Localization services

Are you looking for a growth spot in Eastern Uusimaa? Please contact us.

The future lies east of Helsinki

Did you know, that right next to Helsinki there is an area where the future is already at work? In Kilpilahti, Eastern Uusimaa, there is already a significant concentration of circular economy.  At the same time the Helsinki-Vantaa airport and the Loviisa and Kotka harbors constantly feed the goods traffic with exported and imported goods.

For companies, the area offers both land areas, as well as business premises and staff proficient in languages.

Read about RTG Sales and why Porvoo was best choise for them.

Posintra, the partner of municipalities

When you wish to have a first feel of the area, please contact us. We work in close cooperation with the cities’ and municipalities’ business and organization services. The goal is to find a solution that pleases all parties. With our help, the companies locating themselves in the area will find functional premises and will get a flying start to their operations.

More information:

Loviisa business service
Porvoo business service 

With questions relating to business premises, also the local real estate agents are at your service.

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Do not hesitate to contact us and book a time for a free consultation. Together we will find the best solutions for you and your company!

Growth Services

Does your company want to grow? We will help you on your path to growth.

Would you like to speed up your business?

We give already functioning companies advice and ideas for development. For companies aiming for growth, we offer enhanced consultation and services especially aimed at sparring growth. Our consultation is free of charge for companies in Porvoo, Loviisa and Askola.

Get to know the BIITTI – The business teams in Uudenmaa project’s  Valtaus growth program

Kasvu Open spars companies with a desire to grow. More information on the Kasvu Open pages.

Development Means Growth

A successful business needs to develop itself constantly. Businesses can grow and develop in many ways. For some, this means expanding their operations to a new area, or buying a new business, others might wish to develop their sales and marketing. Growth can also be found by becoming more international, or by developing one’s know-how.

Does your company have the will to grow and renew itself? We will help you perceive what kind of growth is natural for your business, and how you might be able to achieve it. We will support your endeavors in accelerating growth and creating a systematic growth plan.

Book a time to create your own growth plan. Let’s ensure the success of your company together!

Please contact us and book a time for consultancy

Are you interested?

Do not hesitate to contact us and book a time for a free consultation. Together we will find the best solutions for you and your company!


Do you need sparring and support as an entrepreneur? A mentor will help you and challenge you to develop.

Do you need sparring and a new point of view?

We work together with for example Business Mentors Finland by coordinating the operations of almost 20 business mentors located in Eastern Uusimaa. A business mentor is an experienced professional, who functions as the pilot and mentor for the entrepreneur – sparring, guiding and coaching him or her. Mentoring is free of charge for entrepreneurs driving small and micro enterprises. 

In 2017 business mentors helped altogether 1139 businesses in the country and used almost 18 000 hours for this work. Most commonly the business mentors helped small businesses employing less than five people. Eastern Uusimaa has had organized business mentor activity already for over 5 years. During this time over 80 companies have been sparred.


Apply for a business mentor

See more information about business mentors: Yrityskummit.fi

Business mentors in Eastern Uusimaa: Aluekummi Timo Rajakaltio,

Posintra Oy: Fredrik Pressler and Peter Backman

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Part of our work is developing the operational environment of companies. This work is done through projects.


Posintra aims at helping local companies grow and succeed. Part of our work is developing the operational environment of companies – whether this means the physical environment, new technology, new operating models or future know-how. This work is done through projects.

From ideas to actions

Projects normally last from half a year to two years. The project does not give its administrator or its partners direct profits, but the results will be seen for example in the increased know-how of the company, in production development, or in increased sales potential.

Yearly hundreds of companies take part in our projects. The project operations focus especially on growth industries and growing companies. If you want to turn your ideas into reality, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Do not hesitate to contact us and book a time for a free consultation. Together we will find the best solutions for you and your company!