The lighting of the new pedestrian and bicycle path in Länsiranta, Porvoo, is designed with the residents’ opinions in mind. The company in charge of the design, Ramboll Finland Oy, collected Porvoo residents’ opinions at the Porvoo Lights event in February. Now, the work will continue in a vision workshop.

The vision workshop is a part of an evaluation project, the purpose of which is to help residents have their voices heard regarding the lighting design of the pedestrian and bicycle path in Länsiranta. At the workshop, we will evoke wishes and needs from Porvoo residents with practical examples. The shared vision will be built on these.

Modern lighting technology allows for various types of implementation. If the needs and views of users are not considered during the design process, the lighting may be disturbing or otherwise unsuitable for its environment and purpose.

The vision workshop will be held remotely 16 April 17:30 – 19.00. You can sign up by writing an email

A participation link will be sent to registrants. More information about the program will be announced later. Porvoo’s LUCIA work group welcomes all interested Porvoo residents to join in to work on our visions!