Could I become an entrepreneur?

If you are thinking about setting up a company, we will be there to support you. Our experts will advise you in all questions related to establishing a business.

Boost up your business

Your company can get support for all questions related to growth and development. You can find the best tools for this from our tool box.

All services through one channel

Contact us – we will help your company to get in touch with the best experts in the Eastern Uusimaa Region. We bring together the regional business services.

Where can I find business premises?

We will help your company to find suitable business premises. Welcome to the Porvoo and Loviisa regions!

Developing the archipelago

Developing the archipelago of Eastern Uusimaa is part of our work. The Archipelago of Eastern Uusimaa program builds the basis for this work.

Environmental business

We develop environmental business operations and energy-efficient housing.

Garden cultivation developer and boat manufacturer are the most promising growth companies in the Eastern Uusimaa region

The growth programme geared towards companies, Itä-Uudenmaan Kasvupolku, has chosen Robben Pikku Puutarha Oy from Lapinjärvi as having the most potential for growth after a sparring process from Kasvu Open. Weldmec Marine Ab from Porvoo received an honorary mention. These companies will move on to national further sparring and the finals where the best Finnish growth companies will be selected in the Start again and Startup categories.

Kirjoitettu 20.6.2017

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Specialist tips to enter foreign markets – Finland has a good reputation in Mexico

Trust, honesty, respect, and a leisurely attitude. These are good rules to live by in general too, but especially if you intend to do business in Mexico. Together with their partners, Posintra united the business specialists in Mexico and California to share information about the opportunities in these vast markets. In particular, issues related to water and waste management await good solutions.

Kirjoitettu 30.5.2017

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Rapture of Silence in Eastern Uusimaa

Your own lake in the middle of a quiet wilderness, fifteen minutes away from Porvoo in Råmossa Lodge. Zen-like peace and the scent of a sauna next to Loviisa in Villa Mandala. These locations that lure one to relax have been introduced to German travel agencies and the media over the past few weeks. Posintra is helping tourism businesses to enter the international market via Visit Finland.

Kirjoitettu 26.5.2017

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TEKNO – Smooth Expertise in Health and Well-being Technology

On May 1, 2017, Posintra – together with Laurea University of Applied Sciences, HealthSPA and the Vantaan Invalidit association – has launched the TEKNO (Smooth Expertise in Health and Well-being Technology) project. The TEKNO project aims to support the well-being and health technology know-how of social and healthcare workers, students of this area, and individual citizens – that is, the end users. The project will create new customer insight and business expertise in the Uusimaa region.

Kirjoitettu 8.5.2017

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General Plan of the New Guest Harbour of Porvoo

A new kind of area with both harbor and recreational functions is being planned for the Western bank of the Porvoonjoki river. The objective of the plan is to create an attractive public area that offers both comprehensive facilities for visiting boats and recreational opportunities.

Kirjoitettu 4.5.2017

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PALO project carried out concrete experiments and impressive network-based cooperation in Eastern Uusimaa

The PALO (Growth through Service and Competence) project developed, in 2015-2017, learning environments that are better suited to the vocational development of students in social and health care in the region of Eastern Uusimaa and provided them with the skills needed in working life. The learning environments supported the students’ entrepreneurship through customer-based learning. Simultaneously, the project measures strengthened co-operation between educational institutions and workplaces.

Kirjoitettu 27.4.2017

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