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If you are thinking about setting up a company, we will be there to support you. Our experts will advise you in all questions related to establishing a business.

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Your company can get support for all questions related to growth and development. You can find the best tools for this from our tool box.

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Contact us – we will help your company to get in touch with the best experts in the Eastern Uusimaa Region. We bring together the regional business services.

Where can I find business premises?

We will help your company to find suitable business premises. Welcome to the Porvoo and Loviisa regions!

Developing the archipelago

Developing the archipelago of Eastern Uusimaa is part of our work. The Archipelago of Eastern Uusimaa program builds the basis for this work.

Environmental business

We develop environmental business operations and energy-efficient housing.

The eco-event inspired students

Ekotemapaus 2017 palkintojenjako

With the help of Posintra, the fifth-grade students of Kevätkumpu School challenged all other fifth graders in Porvoo into a traditional Eco-Action event during the national energy saving week on 9-15 October 2017. The challenge was to make the world better by focusing on the responsible use of resources.

Kirjoitettu 21.11.2017

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Activities at Laivasilta in Loviisa

Loviisan Laivasilta 11-2017

Many renovations have been carried out during autumn at the guest harbour of Laivasilta in Loviisa. With support from the 30MILES project, the attractiveness of the marina has been improved by e.g. raising the footpath and the flood prevention barrier and removing the reeds along the shore.

Kirjoitettu 13.11.2017

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In-depth review of health and wellbeing technology at Porvoo Campus

Tekno-seminaari 7.11.2017

Professionals of health and wellbeing fields had the chance to learn more about health technology on 7 November in connection to a seminar held on Porvoo Campus. The seminar kick-started the training events of TEKNO – Terveys- ja hyvinvointiteknologiaosaaminen sujuvaksi (Better health and wellbeing technology competence) project.

Kirjoitettu 13.11.2017

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Discussions on working life and youth services at Ohjaamo Days

Ohjaamo-päivät 2017

Discussions on working life and youth services at Ohjaamo Days, the annual, national Ohjaamo Days brought together the Ohjaamo people and its stakeholders to listen to topical speeches and share common good practices concerning youth services. Over 200 participants all over the country were offered the chance to network during the seminar days.

Kirjoitettu 3.11.2017

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Work meets its maker

Porvoon Ohjaamo - siivousalan rekrytointitilaisuus 2017

Porvoon Ohjaamo information center organized a recruitment event for the cleaning industry on October 24th, in cooperation with TE-toimisto – the employment and business services of Porvoo – and the development company Posintra. On this “speed dating event” of job searching, SOL Cleaning Services Ltd, RTK Services Ltd, Kotirinki Ltd and Liikelaitos Porvoon tilapalvelut -establishment recruited employees for their companies.

Kirjoitettu 27.10.2017

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Kasvu Open 2017 winners selected

Kasvu Open logo

The Kasvu Open 2017 winners were selected at Kasvu Open Carnival in Jyväskylä on Thursday, 26 October. The Start Again series for existing businesses was won by Volters Oy in Kempele. The Startup series was won by BroadBit Batteries in Helsinki.

Kirjoitettu 27.10.2017

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